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Personal job matching

Would you rather follow personal job coaching with professional job matching, including a customized report, tailored to your specific career questions and job profile?

This is possible! Thanks to our cooperation partner The Job Coach you can receive a personalized job matching report, based on your needs and personal work situation. Moreover, you also gain insight into your top values, competencies and talents. This will help you find a job that suits you perfectly!

Request a free information interview from a job coach in your area.

You can also use the results from this report:

  • in your personal branding at work
  • when communicating with your management
  • during job interviews

Thanks to VDAB career checks (only in Flanders + Brussels) you only pay € 11,5 per hour for a maximum of 7 hours of job coaching. More info? View all info about our job coaching processes or ask for a no-obligation consultation.